Collaborative commissioned pieces.
Calligraphy by Ms. Paola Esteron.

Watercolour illustrations for The Icon Clinic's packaging designs.

A Mexican-themed illustration for local band Giniling Festival's album cover.

Succulents, pink flowers, and cats as illustrations for postcards where well wishes were penned by guests for a wedding with green as its motif.

I went all-out Asian on this tri-fold invitation for a Chinese wedding. It started off just full of cherry blossoms as requested by the bride, but I decided later on to add in lanterns, peonies, and patterns so that it somehow resembles a Japanese kimono print.

A wedding invitation design comprised of gears and cogs, blue roses, Victorian filigrees, and pearls. Spot a black cat and Cthulhu. These invitations came in metallic navy blue envelopes. The same illustrations were used for the bridal shower invitations but in sepia tones.

I pictured that the flowers to be used for the bouquets and centerpieces of this couple's wedding -- succulents, aster, birds of paradise, mums, dahlia, gerbera, daisy, heliconia, ginger, plumeria, protea, and lily -- make an interesting composition, so I decided to incorporate them in the illustrations for this invitation with a vintage vibe.

An invitation design for a rain-themed wedding. The illustrations I did for the front and back of the invitation were specifically made to suit the wire work on the case which was provided by the couple. As per the bride's request, it's somehow designed as a flip book.

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