"Ang Hinirang ni Magwayen (Magwayen's Chosen One)". A project in partnership with Zig Philippines and Davies Paints, located at the Art Walk of SM North Towers (December 2018). The mural features Magwayen, the Visayan goddess of the sea, her hair forming into waves interspersed with sea anemone and batik patterns – the latter being a shared art form in Southeast Asia. Her tattooed arm, typical of Pintados, is outstretched with her hand reaching towards an empty space where viewers are encouraged to pose for photos.

"With 'Ang Hinirang ni Magwayen', the artist hopes to promote appreciation for local culture, encourage familiarization in Philippine mythology, and most importantly, raise awareness on marine conservation especially with growing concerns on the environmental implications of the West Philippine Sea dispute. The destruction of the marine ecosystem with large-scale illegal capture of endangered sea life using cyanide and dynamite fishing is an underrated yet monumental challenge confronting our region.

Although we, as Filipinos, seem helpless under these troubled circumstances, the artist intends for the mural to serve as a reminder that as the sea goddess Magwayen’s children, we carry a task of being stewards to our waters and to all life in it."

At The Icon Clinic's lobby in their old location in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (November 2016). The concept is a huge Chinese porcelain, thus the sole use of blue paint on the lobby's smooth white-washed metal wall.

A mural I did for the book launch and exhibit of "Moon Blossoms: An Art Book You Can Colour" at Art Underground in December 2015.

The client’s request for this pair of Vans was simple: A design that’s undeniably me. Without thinking twice about what to paint, I threw in my favorite elements I like to incorporate in my paintings that time — roses, skulls, bones, a few curlicues, and viscera!


Here's my work on Darcy, a 26″ scale lefty Gibson SG Standard copy with capiz shell trapezoid inlay. I debated with myself at first whether to paint every inch of it or not, but decided later on to come up with a design that would also let the wood finish shine through.


My handiwork on another pair of Vans, red lace ups this time. The owner wanted to just have the front and heel parts painted.


That little guitar project led to another commissioned painting for a musical instrument — a little girl’s violin this time. I applied thick lines of copper paint to highlight the delicate patterns which are mostly in varying shades of pink and purple.


A pair of Bensimons I was commissioned to paint for their launch in the Philippines in June 2013 -- my first foray into shoe art.

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